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Principles of Accounts (POA)

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Principles Of Accounts (POA)


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Thank you for visiting.  I am the tutor, Felix Lim.  I have more than 10 years of tutoring experience in POA, Accounting, Finance, Business Statistics.

My mission is to help students enjoy their learning journey and unleash their true potential.

My method of teaching Principles of Accounts (POA) is to relate these basic concepts to your everyday life and you will soon see that there is not much difference in what you are doing every day compared to the theories you are reading. Through practices as well, you will then realized that Principles of Accounts (POA) is one of the easiest subjects in N or O levels because it is just only concepts coupled with addition, subtraction, division and multiplication!

Finance is one of the ‘hard to crack’ nut in any diploma or degree courses.  Let me help to "strengthen" you.

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Australian National University – Master of Finance (Research) degree
Singapore Management University - Bachelor of Business Management degree
Singapore Polytechnic – Diploma in Banking and Financial Services



Tutored over 100 students from secondary teens to working adults pursuing MBA in Director Positions.

Tutored students from many secondary schools

  • Anglo Chinese School
  • Chung Cheng Yishun School
  • Beatty Secondary School and many more

And for many tertiary schools

  • National University of Singapore (EMBA program – Finance, Accounting, and Statistics)
  • Singapore Management University (Bachelor program – Finance and Statistics)
  • Singapore University of Social Science (Bachelor program – Finance)
  • Singapore Institute of Management UOL – (Bachelor program – Accounting)
  • Singapore Institute of Management – (Diploma program – Finance, Statistics, Economics, and Accounting)
  • Singapore, Ngee Ann, Nanyang, Temasek and Republic Polytechnics (Diploma program – Finance, Statistics, Economics, and Accounting)

Full time N, O and A Levels Principles of Accounts Tutoring

(Master of Finance degree and years of experience tutoring)

  • Felix had taught many students from different secondary schools

  • Graduated with a Master of Finance with 10 years of tutoring experience in POA

  • Well versed in the new MOE secondary syllabus for POA

  • Multiple secondary school exams papers from 2015 which preps students well for the exam year

  • Taught 'A' Levels students from Millennium Institute and private students in accounting and management of business (MOB) topics
  • Philosophy of teaching - Learning is all about understanding and in the process all about fun

  • Past performance of students improved from F9 to A1

Experience in Diploma and Degree Tutoring

  • Tutored business students in accounting, finance, business statistics
  • Degree courses includes : -

    • Singapore Management University (SMU)
    • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
    • National University of Singapore (NUS)
    • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) / Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
    • Bedfordshire University (Kaplan)
    • Murdoch University (Kaplan)
    • James Cook University
  • Diploma Courses includes :-
    • Singapore Poly
    • Ngee Ann Poly
    • Nanyang Poly
    • Temesek Poly
    • Republic Poly
    • Kaplan and PSB Academy

Able to relate actual practices to theories taught with previous experience in public finance and audit.

What my A-Levels, Diploma and Degree Students Say

“Able to simplify difficult business concepts in an easily understood manner”

Learning POA from Felix since secondary school until a current student in NYP, he had helped me to understood difficult modules from Auditing and Assurance, Economics, Statistics to International Treasury. Over the years, we had developed from a tutor-tutee relationship to more as friends.


Ng Qi Zhong

Diploma in Accountancy and Finance
Current Nanyang Poly Year 2 student in 2019

“Helped me cleared my module”

I was introduced to Felix after I failed my final exam in 2018. I had only 1 week with him before my supplementary papers for accounting. In that 1 week, we did a crash course on accounting which he tried very hard to help me by having intensive long hours of coaching on that subject EVERY DAY. I was able to pass that module and till date, I am still tutoring with him on a weekly basis.


Adealine Wang

Diploma in Management Studies
Current Singapore Institute of Management Year 1 student in 2019

“Made things easier to digest”

I learned from Felix since my days in secondary school from POA sessions till now Year 2 in Singapore Poly. He was able to explain difficult financial concepts to me and explain the underlying basis for the concepts in order for me to appreciate finance better. We are now more friends than tutors and students.


Liang Fangjie

Diploma in Banking and Financial Services
Current Singapore Poly Year 2 in 2019

What my secondary students say

“Achieved top student in my Secondary School for the national exam”

Under the guidance of Felix, I was able to improve from Cs to A1 within less than a year. Through his hard drilling of tough questions, I become the top student in my cohort for the Year 2017 GCE Sec 4 N level POA paper. I was given cash and certificate award for it.
You may review my video testimonial and picture of my certificate in more stories from Students!

Sherman Lee

Gan Eng Seng Secondary School
GCE O Level student in 2018

“Improved my POA since tutoring with Felix”

Before my session with Felix, I wanted to drop POA. It was just so hard. But, ever since I started sessions with him, I started to grasp the concepts better and now I am pretty confident with my POA. In fact, I was so interested in business modules now that I am already in the EAE program with Temasek Polytechnic Business Management course.



St Patrick Secondary School
GCE O Level student in 2018

“From an F9 to B3 in GCE N Level”

I was failing all along in Secondary 3. Never had I passed my POA ever until I met Felix when I was in Sec 4N. He went through with me patiently on the different modules and build my foundation up since I had bad understanding of POA in Sec 3. Through his teaching and effort, I had improved greatly to a B3. My mom was thrilled.
You can see her “thank you message” to Felix from more stories from students!


Riverview Secondary School
GCE N Level student in 2018
Current GCE O Level student in 2019

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